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 Is it just me or...?

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PostSubject: Is it just me or...?   Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:41 am

I'm not sure but is it just me or are the oldies of games starting to be missed?
You know such games as DooM, not DooM 3 or ROE but the classic pc version, or even 3DO's Army Men Series. SMB not Rom hacks but the actual Mario. Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Battle Toads, Dragon Quest...ECT....ECT...ECT.... I distinctly remember being little and not being able to beat some of those games. I'd try for hours at end trying to beat NES and Super NES games and couldn't. Call me crazy but i think i might take a weekend off from xbox and PC and play some of my old genisis and Nes games. Hell I'll even play PONG. Really think everyone should take a weekend off to play the classics. To get away from all this online multi player bull crap. Just to relax and play the REAL games that started it all. In my eyes... the classics prevail above all other systems, and new gen games. I raise my hand.. to the oldies! cheers

-lonniemoe king
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Is it just me or...?
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