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 Sniping....Throw up your targets, let loose with Bullets, and leave your advice :D

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Mr. Melee51807
Admin Brandon
Admin Brandon
Mr. Melee51807

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PostSubject: Sniping....Throw up your targets, let loose with Bullets, and leave your advice :D   Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:41 pm

I will not lie...I am not a full time sniper, but i can make shots count, so for those more in tune with sniping, post up your best tips for sniping.

-Mr. Melee51807-
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Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major

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PostSubject: Lonniemoe's Sniping Tips   Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:45 pm

For what it counts. I'm a "decent" sniper I would like to think, now on CoD 4 all i did was snipe, all 4 of 5 classes where sniping and no scoping classes, on GOLD UZI. Anyways i don't snipe as much on MW2 because I'm really hating the sniper rifles. I do better sniping on that game than anything else though. So a few tips i do are:

NEVER NO SCOPE UNLESS NO CHOICE!!-This includes quick scoping, always take cover and always snipe in places that allow you enough time to switch to secondary if needed. If you have no choice than quick scope or no scope, then i suggest taping the Left trigger in both, but if its a quick scope hold the Left Toggle, this improves your placement of the bullet 100%.

SNIPING LOCATION!!-Snipe in places that have no or little flanks and flanks that are in sight and can be covered. Snipe in the unobvious places, places no one would think to look, but make sure you have good visuals on the map. Snipe in places that are active, and hard to hit grenades with, such as small windows and places people casually travel. This makes for perfect killing and perfect placement for claymore, and C4.

SNIPING BUDDIE!!-Snipe with a friend. Preferably someone with a suppressed Automatic Weapon. Reason being if you are to be flanked you have a person there ready with a fast paced gun and doesn't give your position away, and also lures in kills for your partner. When some one sees your Shot on radar, they would obviously think a lone sniper. When they get there. A friend blows them away with a silenced RPD or such, and no one knows that he is there even after the kill due to the silencer.

Just a couple i follow at times. Hope it helps, and is use to any of you. Happy hunting!

-lonniemoe king
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Sniping....Throw up your targets, let loose with Bullets, and leave your advice :D
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